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In an era of media, corporate communications stand in need of textual skills and targeted strategies more than ever before. In this respect, the right text is an important component of trust-building, consistent and effective communication. Discover your text service for professional content in dietextagentur schmitz & lux and benefit from the experience and expertise of eloquent copywriters.

Our text service offers you: Corporate texts, image captions, website copy, advertising copy, SEO texts, press releases, editorial reports, product descriptions for online shops, marketing (flyers, newsletters, business letters), editorial support for social networks, etc.

Professional texts for all industries

You would like to present your company or range of products and services in Germany and need a well-written image brochure? You want to specifically strengthen customer trust in the company through strong press relations by means of press releases? Or finally make it to the top of Google’s search results and not only increase the number of visitors to your website but also the associated sales figures? Be it meaningful corporate texts,

targeted PR messages, advertising and marketing texts, or search engine optimised content: our text service makes your company competitive! See our texts for yourself and reach your target audience – with a strong text agency at your side, who finds exactly the right words for every requirement!


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